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Landscape Misting & Fogging Systems

Mist-Scaping - Misting systems

Enjoy summertime outdoor events like barbeques, parties, weddings or just hanging out by the pool throughout the hottest months of the year without having to mist yourself and others with a spray bottle of water.

Misting systems are perfect for swimming pools, spas, flower gardens, dog runs and more. Imagine yourself sitting back relaxing in a pool chair in the blistering heat of summer with a gentle mist from one of our misting systems cooling your skin.

In addition to the benefits of cooling your patio and outside entertaining areas, misting systems also cool the potential air entering into your home, acting as an air-conditioning alternative and thus lowering your air conditioning bills.

Add much needed moisture to your garden plants and flowers during the dry summer months without having to waste water from a hose or watering can. With a misting system your landscaping will be blanketed with the right amount of moisture to keep it lush and beautiful.

Aside from outdoor cooling, misting systems are used for visual special effects, odour control and dust control as well!

Fogging Systems

Whether visual special effects are used within a landscape project or the fog effect is included in a pool water feature, the fogging systems transform any landscape project into dramatic tropical scenery. It provides residual cooling throughout the landscaped area and allows for creative implementation of the fog cooling effect. Visit for more information.


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