Professional Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems

Mother Nature does what she can to shower us with enough water to encourage the natural growth and beauty that exists in our lawns and flower gardens.

However, when normal rainfall does not provide enough moisture during the growing season, grass goes dormant and often turns brown. To ensure a high-quality lawn, the lawn must be watered using a professionally installed irrigation system.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to water your landscape, Bellaire Landscape can custom design and install an automatic sprinkler system that will keep your landscape looking fresh and healthy all season long.

A professionally installed and maintained irrigation system uses less water than conventional hand watering!

We offer the option to add drip irrigation for hanging baskets and garden planters to new or existing irrigation systems. All of our watering systems feature programmable timers for odd or even watering days in case of water ban that regularly occurs during the summer months in Windsor-Essex County.

In addition, a rain sensor is an added feature that will shut the irrigation system down in the event of a significant rainfall so that your lawn and gardens are not over watered and thus saving you money on your water bill.